• Anxiety & Depression

  • Depression

    Feeling sad, discouraged, or hopeless are all normal emotions when they are experienced in moderation. Sometimes, though, these feelings can take over and become the norm, when they should be the exception. You may have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, or even functioning on a day-to-day basis. If you’re feeling any of these things frequently or for no apparent reason, meeting with a therapist can help you feel whole again. When depression takes control, seeing a licensed, professional psychologist will help you treat and overcome these obstacles.


    Nervousness, unfocused fear or apprehension, overwhelming dread, and self-doubt are all symptoms of anxiety. You may experience obsessive, worried thoughts, a racing heart, tension, trembling, sweating, or nausea. When these feelings interfere with your daily life or lead to other conditions, you may feel resigned to living the rest of your life this way. However, meeting with a therapist can help you cope with anxiety and regain control of your life.