• My Approach

  • I believe there is hope for the future, no matter what kind of situation you find yourself in. Everyone can progress, change, and heal. Whether you struggle with a mental health issue or personal problems, I can help you create a happier, more satisfying life. From issues in your relationships with friends and family, to life transitions and faith & spirituality issues, my work is based on trust. I offer a relaxing, safe space where you can feel confident about expressing yourself and speaking openly. Our interactions and conversations are confidential and judgement-free.

    I specialize in life & faith transitions, religious & spirituality issues, and multicultural therapy. I have helped people manage ADHD, academic difficulties, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I also offer career counseling.

    My approach to our sessions is both customized and collaborative. I build on your values, beliefs, and strengths, while tailoring my approach to suit your individual needs. Your willingness to work, combined with my training, experience, and skills, can help you reach your goals and build the life you want to live.